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Parish life in an average Bavarian congregation

Pastors, volunteers and church taxes

On average a Lutheran congregation has about 1700 members, one pastor, a part-time church-musician and part-time staff in the church office. About 80 persons attend the service on Sunday. The congregation is led by the church council (12 members, elected for 6 years) and the pastor.

BergpanoramaThe church council meets once a month. About 150 volunteers are organizing groups for children, young people, elderly, women. The pastor is responsible for the Sunday service, prepares the sermon and coordinates volunteer participation in the service. Confirmation class, counselling and visits of church members are part of his work as well as funerals, baptisms and weddings. The pastor teaches religion for 6 hours a week in public schools.

Church taxes fund the salary of the pastor, the employed staff and partly for the church buildings. The congregation raises the rest of the money through the offertory in the service and donations from its members.