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Just Protestant

Landesbischof Heinrich Bedford-StrohmYour experience with the word “church” is probably manifold. Maybe you immediately think of church buildings, which are often the landmarks of the town. Maybe you also think of the minister or an experience which you have had with the church.

In this brochure you can learn something about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. Maybe you will be surprised at how many places and in how many things our church is actively engaged. And maybe you fi nd some of it so interesting that you wish to hear more or even get involved with us. I dare to predict that you will not regret it.

Even if we are involved in many areas: the center of all our engagement continues to be worship. Time for taking breath and gain solid ground simply feels good and nourishes the soul. This is the well from which we drink with everything we do as the church.

Download: Just Protestant. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. (PDF-File 238 KB)